Venice Suites
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Get in Shape by the Ocean!

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WHAT: Summer Shred is an easy and enjoyable way to achieve your summer workout goals. We have designed a simple, yet effective, workout program that will tighten and tone your whole body.

WHERE: Every Saturday at 11 AM at the park on the beach "Zen Field" just steps from Venice Admiral Suites!

The class takes just over one hour to complete. All you will need for the class is a mat and a hard working attitude.

Exercise can be daunting, stressful and downright painful. How could anyone be motivated to work out?! However, we believe that we have the answer.

Each class last one hour and functions to work all aspects of physical fitness. Our main focus is to tighten and tone all aspects of the body while promoting an overall level of wellness and satisfaction. Your results from the class will include:

*A decrease in tension and stress through therapeutic exercises and breath work

*An increase in flexibility and mobility which combats the idea of "big and bulky". We are all about LENGTH!

*Building functional lean muscle which allows for a strong and useful body. Feel lighter throughout the days and have more energy.

*Decreasing body fat (shredding!) by using the fat as fuel for our muscles. This will create the "tone" look we all want.

*Improve your cardio. (cardiovascular function) This will create a healthy heart and help you tighten up any of those suborn areas.

*But also we will make all this hard work FUN! If you are not enjoying yourself, you are not doing it right.

And to complement all of your work, we provide protein shots! Protein after a workout will help to preserve muscle while continuing to burn body fat.This will amplify the results from the class.

Our hope as trainers is creating an atmosphere that is professional, educational, yet engaging and enjoyable. This will allow us to simultaneously achieve fitness at a high level and have great time doing it. And in the end, it is really only about one thing. Results. And if you stick to our Summer Shred plan, it is guaranteed.

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